Resupply Boxes

It was a late night last night. Calculating how many days it might take to walk from various points along the PCT is a little harder than one might think. If you plan to hike the PCT any time in the future, do spend some time looking at elevation maps. I’ve learned that while some points are only a few days apart they might be mountains away!

Also, eat something before packaging and repackaging your trail food. Resupply foodLast nights dinner was bacon bits and rehydrated spuds and it was good, better with powdered butter, nowI have a strong idea how sacrificing taste for weight will turn food into fuel for machine like legs and it will not be glorious. No. It will be basic and simple- for 6 months give or take a few powdery dried meals.

The night before I went to the Del Monte movie theater and saw the movie ‘Wild’ with Reese Witherspoon and let me tell you, it was so close to real that I cried. Not for her but for the future break through that will happen. For the shedding of one layer to reveal the soft tender new layers underneath. I cried again last night for what is to come and how it’s been a long, long, …. long wait and now as I prepare, its so close I can taste it. Maybe that’s just bacon bits.


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