So as we come to the end of the year and this being the first day of winter solstice (yesterday), the daylight hours will grow giving us more time to enjoy, relax, love, sing, play and get stuff done. Today I mailed off my Canadian permit application required to enter Canada via the PCT which is by the way illegal. In case you needed to know. I believe it’s stated as illegal to discourage the average illegal immigrant but if you’re hiking in via the PCT they must not prosecute because they know you’ll be leaving shortly after, I guess. For those considering hiking into Canada you’ll need a PERMIT!

The process for Ca.,Or. and Wa, also requires several different permits. In years past one would have to contact the different agencies and then request the application forms be sent to you and then send them in after filling them out. Things have changes a bit. Now a through hiker can go to and apply in a single place for the PCT permit, Ca. camp fire permit, the Whitney portal permit and maybe more. This permit application process doesn’t come out of hibernation until Feb.!

PCT 2012 Class Video from Alasdair Fowler on Vimeo.


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