PCT soles

I’ve had a few people ask me about shoes. Some say, “Its important…STOP!” It is important and thats usually the smartest thing they have said but then they usually finish that sentence. “Shoes are important on the PCT and you need to get the right boots.” WHAT?! STOP! I say YOU need the right boots. I how ever do not need the right boots. There. That just feels so much better. Let me ask all of you out there about you and your field of expertise. Is it just me or do you get the feeling some people are completely full of cr_p when they tell you about your field of expertise before they realize its YOUR field of expertise? Not that thru hiking is mine, but i have done enough research as well as actually time hiking the PCT to know that I do NOT need the right boots. Moving on.

For those who are wondering about distance hiking, or those with out a fear of ankle biting rattle snakes lurking around every rock, for those with capable feet and strong legs who prefer to hike quick, boots are heavy and running shoes are light. They are the shoe of choice for me. Some of the best thru hikers, both fast and slow, use running shoes for that very reason.image As a bonus they also dry very quick. If your feet sweat you are likely to get blisters regardless of your shoe choice but running shoes will dry out and air out much quicker. Hiking boot advocates will say “Your feet will be warmer in boots.” to which I say YOUR feet will be, mine will not. If i come into a cold snowy patch I slip on a pair of thin wool socks over my thin running socks and carry on. For me, running shoes do all the work boots can not and the rest is not needed, for me.

Last night I named my shoes. Why not? My plan is to use three pairs of the same running shoes and put about 850+ miles on each pair. Their names are, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Im hoping that they will provide a strong lasting and secure footing for this hike on each leg of the journey. See what i did there?

shoe1             shoe2Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 10.39.22 AM


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2 Responses to PCT soles

  1. marianne says:

    i agree! i was just out in my back yard … thinking …. about boots for hiking … really i was! i thought, oh my, my old hiking boots were so heavy! good running shoes are great! for all the reasons you mentioned … happy to know we are in so many ways thinking a like! peace to you~


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