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113 Days Remaining

Well, with the new year starting and the old one getting ready to rest it’s tired legs the holiday season is behind us. What will you do with this coming year? What will it mean for your life? Will you be more amazing? Of course we will! I for one will be hiking the PCT, as if you didn’t already know this.

For those of you who are registered for the email updates let me share my plan with you. I hope to make a daily journal of life on the trail and when I get to town on any given day of the week I will load the journals I’ve written into and set them to a schedule that should automatically upload them on Sunday’s in the mornings while you’re still in bed. Just imagine! You could roll over and reach for your device as most of you already do and POW! It’s as if you are thru hiking the PCT with me. However I will be testing this out early so between now and the actual kick off party in Campo, your service may be interrupted briefly or you may get more than one email on any given Sunday as I learn how this works. I’m considering a daily upload as well so feel free to email me and let me know what works best for you so we can create this experience together.

For those visiting the site only, be sure to favorite the site address in your preferred browser. Come by anytime and catch up on the photos and the stories as I’m sure there will be an emotional transition visible to the readers who stay connected as this journey unfolds. I’m hoping to make it rich with videos and pictures but not everyone will want to watch a video of me loosing my shit, so don’t forget to read through the stories too. Also copy and save them if you like. Create a Pinterest board if you like, of my journey and link it back to me. Hove fun with it and enjoy.


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