105 days remaining (Wish List)

As was suggested here’s my wish list as of 1/07, it may grow and it may shrink.

Mountain House meals a.k.a. M.R.E.’s (140)

Snickers bars (140)


coffee filters

rechargeable batteries

Smartwool socks

Leki trekking pole snow baskets

Gatorade powder mix

iTunes credits for songs you want to share

70 Dr Bronner mini bar soaps



It just occurred to me this would have been a fun project to see how far one could go and only eat foods sent entirely by the kindness of strangers who happen to find my site.



Here’s a little song I like.


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2 Responses to 105 days remaining (Wish List)

  1. briandwatt says:

    They say “you pack what you fear”. So why are you wishing for “70 Dr Bronner mini bar soaps”?


    • Canyon says:

      Never actually heard that phrase but if I had to guess I fear soap because it washes away life’s texture and leaves things to clean. You tell me? Or tell me what you would take? Are you hitting the trail this year?


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