100 days remaining (Happy Birthday)

Today marks my 44th year sharing this rock with all of you as well as the 100 day count down to the ADZPCTKO. I am a Capricorn, a father, son, brother, uncle, nephew and proud to say still a grand son, as well as a PCT hiker, and a lover. To my family I want to say thank you for all of  your support over the years and your unflinching love. I love knowing I can call randomly, and I do, and you will answer, help, listen and love. Thank you! To my tribe, thank you so very much for how you affect me deeply in my train of thought, and my emotional connection to your hearts that helps guid and shift me. Thank you for your contributions both physical and spiritual but mostly the latter. You know who you are. To the hiking community I can’t wait to spend 6 months with you! It’s going to be life changing and amazing as well as bonding! Go PCT Class of 2015!

To my lover, I’ll thank you in person.


On a PCT related note I’ve still been getting a lot of interesting questions, so I’m going to talk about those today. It’s almost as fascinating to me as it is to those who hear about the hike with regards to their questions. I won’t name names but here are a few in no particular order other than the way I remember them.

Will you wear underwear?
How many miles it is?
Will you carry all your food?
Who will bring you food?
What kind of food will you take?
Can I send you food?
Are you worried about bears?
Will you pack heat?
What will you do if/when you are attacked by bears?
Are you going to sleep on the ground?
Will you sleep outside at night?
How will you get help?
What if you break your leg?
Does the PCT have bats?
Are you going to poop in a hole?
What happens if you get sick?
Will you bring water with you?
Can I send you water?
Can I send you MP3’s?
Will you be in the snow?
Do you have rain gear?

The list goes on, I wish I had time here for all of them. Some are really good questions others tell me more about the person asking the question. I’m going to answer them for you in a edited version of this same post latter. Also to come in the next 100 days I will talk about ways to keep your down bag clean, tarps vs tents, food prep and storage both on and off the trail, asking for sponsorship and/or marketing and some other things fellow hikers seem to be interested in. All coming soon. This guys video is hilarious. His blog is awesome too. Please enjoy.

Super Fun Time Thunderstorm On The Pacific Crest Trail from Halfway Anywhere on Vimeo.


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