95 days remaining (alcohol stoves)

Yep we’re talking stoves today, alcohol stoves to be more precise. For those familiar with camp stoves, I’m sure you have a favorite. For those familiar with alcohol stoves, I’m sure you’ve made your own already.
I prefer my stove to all others and here’s why:
It’s lighter than almost all of them out there, it has consistent burn times at sea level as well as on top of Whitney, there are no canisters to return, the fuel bottle is a light weight plastic bottle, there are no moving parts at all, fuel is inexpensive and easily available (denatured alcohol) at any hardware store, and the stove is tough!

For those who say alcohol stoves are dangerous, you’re right, don’t use them. Just because they are dangerous for you does not mean they are dangerous for me. In fact because caution and awareness come natural to me it’s dangerous for me if YOU use alcohol stoves so please don’t!
For those who do not know about the hazards of alcohol stoves here they are:
You can burn yourself!
There is no shut off switch. That’s a good thing contrary to popular belief because with out a shut off switch you become more aware of how much fuel you actually need/use. The flame is near invisible during the day. Also a good thing, because it burns so very clean that you can use this stove in a car or tent. (Not suggested if you are from the school of thought that alcohol stoves are dangerous) I’ve also heard people say they are easy to tip over. They are, if you’re trying to. They are if you aren’t easy to tip if you are paying attention to the fact that you have a very flammable, very hot, ultra light stove burning super clean nearly invisible fuel with out any kind of shut off valve. If on the other hand you treat it like a loaded weapon it can be very useful in the right hands and dangerous in the wrong hands. Ok with that said lets take a look at a few models before I show mine off. (best for last kinda thing)








The top left is exactly like the first stove I ever made.

The bottom right is the closest to my design but here she is below! I need a little help from all of you though. She needs a name.

I’d like you to see her in action before you come up with a name for her. Seems only right.


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6 Responses to 95 days remaining (alcohol stoves)

  1. jennihikes says:

    She Is a thing of beauty – call her Krakatoa!


  2. Canyon says:

    Didn’t crack code but not for lack of trying. I will go to both kick offs. I’ll shave my head and beard in between and see if they can spot the difference. Lol!


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