80 days remaining (Just for fun)

Parents of thru hikers are starting to show up on the social media threads all over the place. (If you watch for this sort of hiking thing) Some are requiring the hiker son/daughter take/wear beacon devices of sorts. My favorite method is they are becoming heavily active in the chat realms, making friends on Facebook with other hikers, signing up for blogs, anything they can to be a part of what’s happening. Other methods are showing no signs of concern at all. We as parents have an arsenal of tools at our disposal when dealing with stress or concern for our children. My father does an amazing job of showing complete confidence in me and that gives me strength. My mother shows it differently with just the right measure of worry followed by letting go of it at just the right moment.

For all those crazy anxious worried parents who have just discovered cell phones do NOT work out there, I’ve found some ideas that might help.

If you want to keep a safe distance from your adventurous hiker son/daughter but need to be aware of their location and you prefer the low tech method, you might enjoy this!
Option A:Click here! Tie one of these to their pack!
Option B:Click here! Tie one end of these to their pack!

StickNfind by the dozens should work well. Your ultra lite hiker will grow to appreciate your ‘need to know’ approach as the extra weight is hardly noticeable.

For the high tech, high paranoid parents require your ultra lite hiker child to sport this highly visibility, highly bright orange, highly embarrassing FindMeSpot Locating device. This is the modern day, grown-up equivalent of a leash that is commonly in use for small children.

If you want to ensure your child’s safety you might want to try lifting their spirits along the way. Happy hikers are safe hikers! Send them a smile by writing to them and I don’t mean email. Actually write them a letter because you’re still capable while the next few generations will say, “What with a pen and paper?” Let them know you’ve rented their room while they thru hike the PCT. Mention the resupply shipping costs are now covered with the sale of their car which also made room in the garage! Send your child an 8 pound dehydrated bowling ball or some dehydrated water. Send throw back photos to other hikers so we can play pin the photo on the hiker. Be every hikers favorite parents and send cookies! Lots of them! All the time!

I would also like to suggest meeting your child on the trail somewhere. Do a little training on the treadmill, maybe put on your favorite hiking pants, and grab your back pack and be prepared to enjoy yourself.

Just a few ideas that might help. Fellow thru hikers can thank me later.


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