75 days remaining (interesting facts)

Permits and Forms

If you’re going to hike the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL and you plan to cook you’re going to need a permit and they are free. This type of permit is only for the state of California and is good for camp fires, BBQ’s, gas stoves and pretty much anything associated with camping and/or hiking. If you do the PCT you will need to carry the paper copy on you for the entire state of Ca. and Oregon does not require a permit to burn your California fire permit. Just say’en!

If you’re going to hike the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL for over 500 miles you’re gunna need a permit to do so. The way it works is you fill out a form and then you are contacted by email, twice. Again you will need the paper version and you must carry it with you during your hike. As for me, and I never said it was legal, I will shrink the paper versions and print them back to back on a single sheet then laminate. I hope to make them the size of my ID and still legible.

If you’re going to hike the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL into Canada you’re gunna need to apply for entry using an Entry Form. (PDF format) Now I wouldn’t consider shrinking this form but you also do not need to carry it with you until you actually arrive in/at Canada. I will send it to my last Washington location and carry it in then, in September sometime.

If you’re going to hike the PACIFIC CREST TRAIL with me then you will need the PCT Brendon companion form. There is no link at this time and the form is currently being rewritten to comply with 2015 yearly requirements. Please check back for more information. We expect the revised form to be complete and available for download soon.

Now I heard last year that the http://www.pcta.org website was going to great efforts to streamline the permit process and combine the three separate forms into one form but I can neither confirm nor deny this. 🙂 I’ve listed all the necessary forms and where to get them. As far as I know those are all of them.

Anonymous Donations

Unbelievable blessings are happening left and right and I’m compelled to share. I’ve just received two separate donations this last week from the most unlikely of sources and quite frankly the very last people I would have expected to contribute. One donation came to a total of 400$ and another for 120$!!! Both of these donations came with a single request, to be anonymous! Im amazed first at how humble these gentle people are and in a day and age when most are looking to gain much credit for little effort, these donors gave so much of themselves and asked for nothing. Truly a blessing to be in the presence of great people. Secondly I had no idea that my faith in the human race could so easily be restored. I am planning now as to how I will pay it forward because I can tell you, I saw something in the eyes of the donors as they gave, thats what I want, I want that something! So a huge thank you goes out to those amazing people who gave of them selves from their hearts with out asking for anything in return. I love and aspire to be more like you. We all should.



Whats in an Identity really? I’ve been asked a few times by new hiking friends to post a photo of myself. My off-line friends know what I look like and never even notice I don’t have photos of myself posted here. The PCT hiking groups I’ve joined online all have no idea what I look like and I kinda like it that way. I mean if I’m disfigured or terribly skinny or only have one eye and one tooth then sure, I could understand the shock when I meet someone but I assure you, I’m rather average looking. The fact is I don’t feel compelled to post a photo of myself at all but I will. Not today, but I will. I think its a fun mystery for some and so I will post a photo just the last week before the hike! That should be fun. Not a shameless, shirtless selfie but a normal current friendly smile. OK? Deal? Good.




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  1. bigsurkate says:

    From the blogger who knows what works, this is your best post to date! Just the right combination of information, humor, and graphics, with a theme. Well done.


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