59 days (sponsorship revisited)

CLIF bar has sponsored me with a gracious gift of 168 different CLIF bars and over 140 other CLIF bar products to help keep my PCT 2015 thru hike going forward. They also sent a team style quick dry shirt, amazing wool socks by  The Sock Guy as well as a pretty darn cool truckers hat with their logo on it. I’m giving out a huge thank you to CLIF bar and Bryan Cole who not only stepped up to help, but stepped way out on the edge.

I’d also like the thank The New Camaldoli Hermitage again. They have been a huge unexpected part of my life and helped facilitate the changes in my heart as well as in my soul. Thank you dearly monks/friends of the Big Sur Hermitage. Please see their video.

I’d like to thank author Holly Payne, who loves stories of inspiration.

Thank you Big Sur Kate who by request found an ultra light harmonica!

Also the three anonymous donations: REI gift card for 150$, 400$, 150$


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1 Response to 59 days (sponsorship revisited)

  1. Heck yea, congratulations! I’m so happy you’re pursuing this and that you’re receiving so much support so far. 🙂


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