45 days (coming together)

Short post today folks.

45 days and things are coming together. I’ve ordered the last of my food for the last of my resupply boxes. They should be finished completely in the next two weeks. The PCT map I ordered arrived and that will stay at the Hermitage in the book store and Rich will be posting it along with updates along the way so everyone will be able to take a look at it and know where I am at along the trail. I just received word that Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap ( a Fair Trade and Organic product ) will be donating their products for my hike and that’s excellent news for other people as well as me because this means I will be smelling fresh and clean for those town visits. Thank you Dr. Bronner! One of two tickets is almost finished, what! I like to drive quick. 🙂  My bank has been notified that I will be moving along the spine of all three states. Good news. Also Terez, this lovely French Canadian woman I work for, has been informed of my journey and my replacement (Dan-O) will take over as soon as I leave. My other replacement has cleared the back ground check and training starts soon. It’s all coming together so nicely, even the small details. The universe has something in store for me and I am ready to receive it what ever it might be.


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