Two weeks plus

May 11th 7:30PM
Today I left Big Bear Hostile around 1PM and climbed up and over some hill that I don’t know the name of. It was a beautiful 2 mile hike back to the PCT with roughly 40lbs of fresh supply’s and that’s way to much weight normally but my hiking appetite has kicked in. It couldn’t be better timing to receive my first bonus package from Carrie Ann. Thank you hun. I was glad to leave town and actually looking forward to being back out in the wilderness. I ran into C+, Adam, and the Swiss Guy that no one can say his name correctly, while hiking about 10 miles. I decided to set up camp early and quit at 10 so my old knees can get used to the new weight over the course of the next few days. Vitamin I is all the rage on the trail, even with the young ones. I carry them but only use them if I have to, so far I’ve taken a total of 4. So tonight I have early dinner, Mountain House Noodles and Chicken, chocolate and freshly filtered creek water. I miss my home in Big Sur already and wonder if things are running smooth while I’m gone from the Hermitage. I start to stress a little when I concern myself with the concept of weather or not I was thorough in my exit strategy, then I look around me and it kinda goes away. I’m warm in my bag, about to be full of food, have water to drink and feel like my needs are met. It’s been a good day.

May 12th 10:30PM
4AM wake up from my sweet stealth camp site put me on trail by 5AM and heading towards Deep Creek Hot Springs. With a 20+ day I was here by 3:30PM. The trail winds along the deep creek canyon after some hilly/rocky terrain. Maybe 10 or so miles until I could see the creek but only after another 10+ miles can you get access to the creek. I spent the remaining daylight hours eating tons, napping, chatting it up with hikers Pandora, Luv’s, Purple Princess, Donez, Hands, Crayon (who walked the slack line from end to end several times) his lady friend, and large naked local who kept asking all the male hikers to “go a head, get naked”. There were several locals who regularly visit the springs including a cute couple who I became friends with. The guy caught a small cat fish while his lady friend drank booze from a bladder type bag floating next to the hot spring in the cold water portion of the creek. I lay awake because people are still coming and going at all hours. Also my sleep pad now only holds air for about an hour before becoming uncomfortably flat. I even had a dream I was paralyzed in a strange position because of it. So it goes. Good nite.

May 13th 5PM
I woke around 5 this morning and hiked most of the day. I’ve come another 20+ miles and decided to make camp at mile 328 or some where near there. I’ve seen mans influence on Mother Nature today. With dams and graffiti while leaving the Deep Creek canyon, crossing left over materials in an abandoned yard sure to have been the center for the dams in the area, the man made lake called Silverwood Lake and now a horse camp near by, I’ve seen what man can do. It’s not pleasant. Tomorrow I will make it to McDonalds on trail and I think I’ll take a zero at the Best Western. A full zero. Long day all. Peace.


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3 Responses to Two weeks plus

  1. bigsurkate says:

    2 weeks already? Be safe … And enjoy the adventure. I’m sure you are making friends all along the way. Hugs.


  2. Crystal Cannon says:

    I’m loving reading all your posts and updates! Be safe, B. Love you!


  3. Nancy says:

    This is awesome …thanks for sharing your experience on the trail, b.


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