650 miles

Just a quick post.
My daily routine might be interesting.
3:45-4:15am wake and break camp.
6:15 oat meal breakfast
8:15 break and snack
12-2:30pm nap in the shade
2:30-5:30 serious speed hike for the evening push
5:30-6:30 look for camp site while hiking
6:30-7 dinner and set up camp
7-3:45 sleep like a baby

This seems like a regimented time line but in all actuality these times are approximate and subject to change with out notice.

There is tons of free time to meditate while walking. I think about things like when do humming birds actually sleep? How did my fathers love affect us kids? Why is customer service so fake in America while being genuine in Costa Rica? Will my children forgive me for the many mistakes I’ve made? We are all born naked and buried in the ground, do our lives actually change the momentum of anything? And so many more topics of little significance combined with deeper more precious thoughts layered and peppered with questions and conclusions that may make a difference when I reach Canada, or may not. What I do know is cars move way faster than they need to, so does life.


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5 Responses to 650 miles

  1. I seriously love this post. Walking in the quiet of the mountains offers such amazing time for reflection and introspection of various sorts.


  2. bigsurkate says:

    Nicely done. I especially like your last line.


  3. marianne says:

    love reading your post, and i agree the last line is so beautiful. i believe it was Plato or Socrates that said, ‘an unexamined mind is not worth living …’ or something to that affect. you dear one clearly are living and experiencing a life worth living! so happy for you! trek on dear ione! you are in many prayers mine included!


  4. terraelise says:

    Checkin’ in to be sure you are still trekin’! Sounds good thus far, eh?


  5. Brother Duck says:

    You are fully living your dream, bro!!

    I’m SO stoked for you!! Yeeehaw!


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