Near the end

If you’re still reading my silly blog I have some advice for you. Go outside. Go. Explore. More. Often. As soon as possible. As long as possible. You will feel the presence of God there. You will know you are not alone. See how massive this planet is and realize how small you are in it.

For the duration of Washington this hike of mine is between God and I. I had hoped this day would come and it has. This is why I am out here, to be with God. So I continue North in the rain and cold with soggy feet, wet clothes and wet gear but never alone. He walks with me. I encourage you to explore this planet we live on. I encourage you to explore your limits. I encourage you to travel light and drop all those things that weigh you down. Metaphorically as well. Move yourself until you are so tired you start to grow. Make a list of the things you do from day to day. Make a list of things you do that make you happy. Compare the two. Adjust. Find Him in all things you do. Hear God whisper to you and you’ll get better at it.

When I am finished with this hike in the next 20 days or so I’ll post again. I may reveal all. I may not. I’ll keep posting photos to Instagram related to the hike until I’m done but please do yourself a favor and go outside.

Go. Explore. More. Often.


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7 Responses to Near the end

  1. bigsurkate says:

    Are you going back to finish the part you skipped?


  2. Susan Morgan from Oregon says:

    This is your best post to date! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Nancy S says:

    Super cool Brendan!


  4. Cali says:

    Glad to have crossed paths for a brief moment on the sunny streets of little Bavaria. 😉
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your journey


    • Canyon says:

      You were so super helpful and delightful to chat with. Thanks for spending time with me. I hope you guys enjoy your climb and I will say a little prayer so the weather holds out for ya.


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