Gear and Gadgets

First up the big three! Every Ultralight hiker is going to ask about these three first and while mine are not the wet dream the UL wants to hear they are a good mix of lightweight and durability of which both are important to me. I’ll feel safe and fast (faster than say an average 45lb pack) and reduce the risk of injury while being able to keep a quick pace. Ideal for my hike.
First up;

the Pack
REI FLASH 62 (geek link)
Flash Pack 62 Great for Hauling Beer and Wine Flash Pack 62 Great for Hauling Beer and Wine

next the Bag
REI IGNEO (geek link)
Igneo is the superb zombie apocalypse sleeping bag

and the Tent
Echo2 (geek link)
Yep, where the magic happens....;) She might want some privacy!

So those are the main characters on this show and now for the supporting actors.
Sleep system will be playing the role of “Counting Sheep”.
Cook system will be starring as “Camp Kitchen”.
Clothing system (optional on June 21st) will be appearing as “Staying AlivešŸŽµ”

“Counting Sheep” starts from the ground up as a nice soft forest floor duff, or a desert sand pocket, or a cleared rocky surface, or hopefully not a chilly bed of snow, then a thin layer of DuPontā„¢ TyvekĀ® followed by Thermarest puncture proof accordion pad above that my favorite piece of gear, the insulated quilted Q-core SL and finally the Igneo bag to complete “Counting Sheep” as a complete sleep system of luxury. What! I’m getting older and I love my sleep.


“Camp Kitchen” has far less parts with an alcohol stove and a titanium pot.
That’s it. Unless you count the fuel, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps (Fair Trade and Organic) and the mini bic. image“Camp Kitchen” is the bare bones, no wind guard, pot stand or cozy that is typical of UL gear and the reason for that is, I needed more room for “Counting Sheep”!

“Staying AlivešŸŽµ” comes in hot, and cool with lots of layers. This one will break down from outside to the core. Imagine if you will that I’m wearing everything all at once (there will be days and nights where that is exactly what will happen) and then I disrobe right in front of your eyes say on June 21st (hint). Ok ok here we go, no name rain gear both jacket and pants, running shoes and ultra thin man made This is what freedom looks like!socks, big floppy sun hat, water gloves over warm gloves (both will work touch screen equipment), wind breaker, down jacket, micro fleece long sleeve, running shirt that wicks both sweat and rain, smart wool long sleeve, running shorts built in underwear, smart wool pants and that’s pretty much it. Your boy here is now standing in front of a pile of clothes whilst wearing his birthday suit and shaking his money maker to “Staying AlivešŸŽµ”

So that was the gear and now for the gadgets.

The mighty iPad mini wearing an amazing looking Lifeproof case.
(both in white)
iPad mini will hold maps, music, images, video, journals and I will use it to update blogs when in town
Portable instapark solar charger (geek link)
this baby will charge an iPad mini!
Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp (geek link)
I can see clearly now the sun has.... Can you hear the music? Is that song stuck in your head?

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps is Fair Trade and Organic (geek link)
Fair Trade and Organic

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

LT4 Trekking poles

Burt’s Bees

Salomon running shoes

Suunto Vector

Sawyer Squeeze

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