3 days (for reals or not)

Let me explain this countdown a little better. Three days from now will be my last day of work. On the 24th I’ll go to the ADZPCTKO, the 25th I’ll actually start the hike and hike back to the ADZPCTKO 20 miles away from the border at Campo Ca. I’ll stay the day of the 26th at the party and the morning of the 27th I’ll continue North bound along the PCT. That being said I believe this adventure, my adventure, starts on the 20th, three days from now. Whew! Now that thats clear can I share with you what is not clear?

It isn’t clear exactly clear to me how I can be scared of something I also look forward to. It isn’t clear how I can be nervous about doing something I know I love doing. It isn’t clear to me why I can feel all these different emotions now at the start of this epic journey but not feel them at other times, or should I say at times when life is just life, when life is just as adventurous every day. Wouldn’t it be cool to just shift your heart and feel so much all at once when ever you felt like it? Drug and alcohol sales would plummet. 🙂

As this chapter ends and another begins I find myself wondering about this life I live in Big Sur. How different will it be when I return? How different will I be? Will the things I love stay the same? Will my love for this life stay the same? Its all so amazing and wonderful, the unknown. If you know me well then remember me as I am and then lets have lunch after the journey ends, let me share with you, you share with me, and then let me have it! What will you see as changed? What settle difference will you notice? Im pretty sure I’ll be hungry.

And so the countdown continues…..


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4 Responses to 3 days (for reals or not)

  1. bigsurkate says:

    Hard to believe it is finally here. Big Sur will always be your home. It

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  2. bigsurkate says:

    PS, your Instagram link doesn’t work.


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