112 days remaining (prank submissions)

Two days in a row? Consider it a special edition for the new year!

This was taken yesterday at the southern Ca. border by Travis Palovchik and its safe to assume it was taken near the PCT terminus monument. Either way its frikken cold!

My friend Megan Tolbert found this little gem and it
sums things up pretty accurately.

Megan also donated a stack of Pacific Crest Trail books that I am so grateful for. Thanks Megan!


So I asked about pranks on the PCT between fellow hikers and here’s some of the quickest responses!
Jason Phelps says: A huge steel bolt from beside the RR tracks in Mojave, labeled with a sharpie “you got SCREWED on the PCT – pass it on” stashed in a hikers pack

Erin Miller said: Someone put two ripe avocados in Bearclaws shoes in Packwood… I think they were supposed to he a gift but we didn’t discover them for a week… And by then they were just gross

Jeff Lewis says: Hiker Trash game. Find trash and you can sneak it into anothers pack. If they catch you you gotta hike it out with their trash too.

Justin Weller added: I confess I put a large hammer head in Sinbad’s backpack. He found it at Kelso road after carrying it for a while and I had to play dumb for fear of certain retribution.

Daniel Garland said: Shannon OReilly and Rachel Lynch and Andrew Tavalero would hide change in my sleeping bag. Usually in town I thought I got rid of it, but it kept showing up. The whole time they were putting pennies, nickels, dimes in my gear and I thought I was going crazy! Thanks guys 🙂

Matt Boomer Romero speaks up: I was the guy who put up the fake Oregon border sign in 09. Others involved will remain anonymous

Steve Miesen says: Back in 1976 my pal Bret and I were hiking the central Oregon sections of the PCT. Big Kelty Packs with lots of weight inside were the norm then. We hiked south and up and down into the Jefferson Wilderness in a storm. That night at dinner my friend said thanks for packing in the beers. I said “What the ?” I looked in the bottom of my pack and found out that I unknowingly had smuggled in 2 Ranier Beers. Gotcha!

Matt Boomer Romero:  Zip tied hikers into their tents. classic.

Red Bearfield says: Hiking north i always tell south bounders I pass that I’m hiking south.

Andrea Dinsmorestates: Put a big rock in the bottom of a hiker pack as they were riding to the Stevens Pass trail head.

Matt Boomer Romero says: I also spread a rumor that opened in Agua Dulce. Most did not find it funny. I’m going to stop posting now haha

Matt Boomer Romero has more to say: Right before the California Oregon border there is a small hunting shack where we found a ply wood sign (no marking), nails, and some sharpies. And then the greatest idea ever was born.  The fake border prank. We nailed it to a tree about 50 yards before the real one and it read the same as the real border except at the end it read “PCT border being replaced due to vandalism.  Thank you for your patience”. We hid in the bushes as countless hikers saw it- celebrated- popped champagne and made videos.  And then when they hit the real border- well lets just say the reactions were priceless. This sign stood for two seasons and punked hundreds of hikers!!


For those of you who submitted your post’s thank you.
I had laughs and smiles all the way.
Not all submissions made the grade for various reasons



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