One Month!

so it’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog and exactly a month since I set foot on the trail. Sorry for the long delay. I’ve been having fun, eating dry powdery foods, walking a lot, and enjoying the views. Yesterday and the day before I walked through the wind farms on the North edges of the Mo-Jave desert. Those wind turbines are HUGE! So are the hills. Also I’ve climbed through the snow at the top of Baden Powell in shorts. I made a snowman but no Angels, it was to cold. I’ve filtered muddy puddles into clean drinking water, avoided the hazards of other water sources that have made others so sick they’ve left the trail for the season. Pop tarts are something I would not normally eat but I’ve had over 20 of them! Tortillas with peanut butter, gold fish crackers, honey and raisins actually tasted good. I’ve hiked some long stretches with out available water, chewed gum and chocolate at the same time, had soda every time it’s been available. This reminds me to thank the trail Angels along the way. Thank you to all the trail Angels in the Southern California section. Thank you so very much. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy this last section with out you! Thanks again.
Just 8 miles remain before I leave the Southern California section and enter into the Central California one. I’m looking forward to the change of scenery. I’ll make another post tonight.


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2 Responses to One Month!

  1. bigsurkate says:

    I remember the trail by the wind turbines. They ARE monsters! Keep on keepin’ on, kiddo!


  2. laurie says:

    Posts are inspiring! Thanks!


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